God in the Midst of Frenzy

The past couple of weeks have been absolutely insane. The past two days were the icing on the cake. Yesterday I was pretty sure it was the craziest day I've ever had - or maybe a close second. I won't go into details, because it's unlikely I can even remember it all. Now that I've reached the (almost) end of this day, my brain has pretty much checked out.

Yesterday, while I was running (okay, driving) back and forth across town, carrying anywhere from one to six children, a question kept popping into my scrambled brain. How do I stay focused on Christ and have a godly perspective when I'm running around in lunatic mode? I mean, I can have a pretty decent outlook when everything isn't whirling around me at light speed, even if it is a little hectic. I can remember to pray when I see someone who's been in an accident, or for someone who's weaving in and out of traffic (as well as the innocent bystanders - or are they bydrivers?). But when I'm going so fast I meet myself coming and going, how can I think upon the Lord?

I don't know that I have an answer. I can hardly keep up with myself and where I should go next or what I need to do. I actually used to live this way on a fairly regular basis. Praise God it's not my norm any more. But it does still happen occasionally. I no longer want to get to the end of a warp-speed day, only to find that God never entered my thoughts.

Maybe it's just a greater desire to draw closer to the Lord, to think about Him more, and be refined by Him more. There may not be an answer so much as the increased desire. God knows my heart and as my desires align with His, I believe that He'll bring them to fruition. Maybe just the fact that this thought was in my head at all is a sign that He's helping me learn to dwell upon Him in the midst of the frenzy.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who read Dianne's "God in the Midst of Frenzy", I must put my 2 cents in...although He may not have been foremost in Dianne's mind, He certainly was guiding and directing her path. My 2 kids were part of the 6 kids she was taking care of because my life was crazy and chaotic too...instead of telling me, "sorry Jenny, my life is just too busy right now to watch over your kids", she insead asks..."What can I do to help you?". Dianne is a HUGE blessing to me and my family. She has watched over my kids more times than I can count so that I can go take care of my Dad. She never complains and even when homeschooling progress is slow she will graciously put it aside to watch my kids. Maybe God isn't in the forefront of her mind, but He certainly is in the forefront of His as He has enabled her to be a blessing to my family. Thank you, Dianne!!!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Sniff, sniff...thanks, Jenny! I'm speechless (suprirse!). :D

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