Fall Five Kodak Printer Give Away

There really are a lot of fun contests out in the blogosphere. This week, my sweet friend, Sprittibee is hosting an opportunity to win a Kodak EasyShare 5300 all-in-one printer. This is one of those really cool machines that have CHEAP INK! Yes, you heard that right, CHEAP INK!! The black cartridges are $9.99 and the color are $14.99! What a concept!! Sprittibee has one on her desk and says that it rocks.

Since it's such a big and cool prize, there is a little more to this than just leaving a comment. You have to actually get out and take some pictures, post your projects, and link back to the contest. Check it out quickly - there are only 2 weeks to complete your assignment.

We are SO in! I think the boys & I will have fun, fun, fun with this one!

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