I woke up this morning with a headache and promptly went back to sleep. Of course, not getting up until 9:00 a.m. really through my day off track. Then it seemed that every thought in my sphere of life wanted to come bounce around in my head for awhile so it was a rather discombobulated kind of day. I couldn't focus on anything courtesy of those stray and random thoughts. So it's only fitting that I'm posting odd little bits and pieces today.

Reading Fun
I've come across the Spring Reading Thing a couple of times the past few days. Being a fairly avid reader, I figured I'd jump on board the challenge. You have to click the above link since I don't really know how to make the picture below into a link . . . yet.

Blog Links
I also added links to some of the blogs I like to read (when I have time - or not). I just haven't figured out how to make this my full-time job! Ha! Ha! My eyes would dry up and hand would cramp up from all that mousework.

Creative Fun
I went to my stamp club tonight and made the cutest photo wallet! If copyright allows, I'll add a picture of it. I love stamping and scrapbooking, but I sure don't do it often enough. I have found that creating is as important to my health as diet, exercise, and sleep. When I don't have any creative outlet for an extended period of time, I'm just out of sync.

Our federal taxes are done and e-filed! Woo hoo! Now I can get state taken care of and we are finished. Whew! That's always such a nice feeling to check that one off the list.

Daylight Savings Time
Hard to believe we already set our clocks forward this weekend! I don't know if it really makes a big difference, but I like it being light later.

BTW - how is it that we actually save daylight? Don't we just take it from the morning and tack it on at night? Some marketing whiz must've come up with the name. It really should've been Daylight Shifting Time.

Today was a first for my kids - we went to a laundromat. I've had my share of time in them (and apartment comlex laundry rooms), but the boys have never had the opportunity. We had a sleeping bag that desperately needed cleaning (younger son thew up in it at Scout camp). The one I planned to go to was gone so we called Mom to find another one (we were already out and about and me without a phone book in the van). The first one smelled like moldy clothes - ewww! So we found a better smelling location. It took 12 quarters to wash & dry that sleeping bag. That and snack money. At least I remembered to bring my own detergent.

Hooray for White Boards
Since I was so scatter-brained this morning, I did a big brain dump on our white board in the dining room. I love white boards. It sure helped to get all those free-floating thoughts out of my head and in writing. Amazingly, I think I got through about half the list. Maybe the other half will get done soon. Either that, or I'll erase it for school tomorrow and then . . . ???

Well, it's off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a headache-free, wake-up-on-time kind of day.

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