Unplugged and Wordless Wednesday

All too often, my posts are just the random overflow of my brain. Which means I have no idea what to title them. Perhaps I should come up with a title AFTER writing the post. Now there's a novel idea.

Isn't this a cool shot? On the right, the Christmas lights are reflected in a glass bottle. Behind and to the left is a framed print in which the lights are also reflected. I love how the colors look in the bottle, though.

colored light reflections

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on my computer and then lament the things I don't get done. Is it just me, or is there a problem here? I was just reading David duChemin's holiday/Christmas post and it got me thinking that I need to just unplug from all this online life. Yeah, all? Meaning I troll around on FB, read some of emails, play some games, look at some websites, and generally do nothing productive. Meh.

So Friday evening, at 6:00 p.m., I'm shutting this thing down until Monday morning. The ONLY exception will be if I need to get on to pay a bill or do something like that which must be done. I will peruse my emails on my phone, but that's it. No FB. No Twitter. No blogging (as if that will be any different!). Zero. Zip. Nada.

I think I'll schedule a couple of blog posts, so for the 2-3 people left who actually read my blog on those rare occasions I post some words, there'll be something here.

That's another thing. Wordless Wednesday. It's been fun and all, but it's kind of lost its oomph for me. I keep doing it because it's the only thing I've ever been consistent with here in the blogosphere. Maybe in my whole life. Well, other than breathing, eating, and sleeping. In fact, I have 201 Wordless Wednesday posts! Well, there are 5 more that are tagged with WW instead of Wordless Wednesday. That means 206 weeks of posting a picture every Wednesday (or late Tuesday night). If I post two more weeks, it will be an even FOUR YEARS.


I'm a little stunned.

I don't know if I'll continue with it or not. We'll see. I am interested in participating in Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday, but I may do that on my photo blog.

So that's about it for now. Maybe if I survive the unplugged thing, it could become a monthly habit. Or dare I saw, weekly? I'm sure it's possible. After all, I lived without this internet once upon a time. I lived without a lot of things once upon a time. But that's another story.


Michelle Potter said...

Wow, four years is pretty impressive! I only have 88 WW posts, and those are scattered out, definitely not weekly!

I think you should definitely keep doing it, though you might be right about moving it to your photography blog.

Jacque said...

I don't know why it has always been so difficult for me to post photos. It just has. Amanda, Jocelyn, and Rachel do it! I just hate to take time to make the photo smaller and watermark it. Amanda used to do that for me. :)
Anyway, I read your posts, though from afar. Forgie me for not taking the time to comment so much. :\
I pray it works for you, whatever you need in your life at this season. I personally feel like FB has ruined blogging...
It is so much easier to FB than blog.
I did the unplugged thing, for Shabbat... Let us know how that works for you. I am interested.
Shalum sister, and be blessed in everything you do for his glory!

Gabriel said...

You made me look... I've done 220 WW posts so far!! Talk about commitment, both of us! :-)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Here is for you guys having a happy, prosperous New Year as well!

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