The Concert

Recently, Hubby & I went to see the Boomin Beyond Measure Tour with Matthew West, Jeremy Camp, and Toby Mac. It was very loud, high energy, and a total blast! I got tix for Hubs for Christmas (although I benefitted, as well) and was able to get pretty fantastic seats. A better zoom on my camera might've been nice (obviously), but otherwise it was great.

It was pretty cool seeing people of all ages and walks of life at the concert. I don't remember ever going to a concert in my BC(before Christ) life, and I went to quite a few, where there was such a wide variety of attendees. Loving Jesus crosses all boundaries.

Best of all, every one of these three men gave God all the honor and glory. They brought out their Bibles and and shared His word, pointing everyone towards the Lord. It was so cool.

Matthew West

Toby Mac introducing Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp

Toby sharing God's word

Toby & Jeremy jamming to Jesus Freak

Cool lights - just cuz

More cool lights


Bev said...

Often I'll hear something on the radio and it's Jeremy Camp - I LOVE his music, fabulous stuff. Sounds like the concert was really great too.

Gina said...

Love those guys! It sounds like it was a fun evening.

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