Blogging Versus Facebook

Once upon a time, I used to blog regularly. More or less. Then my friends all started jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. I eventually joined in the party. Which was fine for awhile. I was already well immersed in Twitter by then. But a funny thing happened along the way. The more time I spent on FB, the less I blogged. Pretty soon, it was only Wordless Wednesday images being posted. But then before long, that fell by the wayside, too. Then it was merely lamenting over the reality that I could barely manage a post or two in a month. IF that.

I've made it back to the blogosphere a couple of times. I've written a few posts. In a row, even. But I never quite get back to any sort of consistency there. Though I sure manage to scroll through update after update after update in my FB newsfeed.

Today I started looking at other blogs in my list over there on the right. One that I used to read (the second blog I frequented regularly ever) has gone private. So I removed her from the list. Another's blog is apparently gone. Which makes me a little sad. I liked what she wrote. I'm still connected with her via Instagram, FB, and Words With Friends. But still. Then I got to another blog which was always fun to read. Sometimes hilariously funny. She's still there. She's still blogging. And it made me very happy. I read her story about her father who passed away last year. Being that she's a very gifted story teller, it was a sweet and touching post. As if I were reading a novel. I really enjoyed it a lot. I also read about her son who is now 10. He was 6 when I first started reading her blog (I think). No, maybe he was 4. He wasn't in school yet, so it must've been 4 in the beginning and 6 later (cause that's how our chronological time works, no?).

And I think that's when it clicked. Facebook is like being at a big, huge party with lots and lots of people. Some you know from work, some from your childhood, some from church, some from your kids' school, and so on. You get to chat a little bit with a lot of people. Surface conversations. Good times for an extrovert (like me). But only for awhile. You don't really know anyone with those sound bites.

Blogging and reading other bloggers gives you more than 30 seconds to hear what's going in their lives and make a comment. You actually get to read more of their story. You get to know them much more than the jokes and articles they share. While I love the party, I'm really missing the move engaging venue of blogging. I've gone through my entire list blog friends and some are still there, some have left completely, and some blog only occasionally or haven't blogged in a couple of years. I've also found a couple of new blogs that I look forward to reading regularly. I know it won't be the same as it was. But I still want to go back. A little like going back to that small Nebraska town where we would visit my Grandma. Life was slower and calmer and different.

I've taken breaks from Facebook before, but I think the goal now is to minimize my time there. I don't see me leaving it entirely. At least not at this point. I'll pop into the party on occasion, I'm sure. But I'm eagerly anticipating my new adventures in blogging (again).

This is exciting to me, too. Another new beginning. My alium bulbs are sprouting and growing daily. And I can't post without a picture anyway.



Anonymous said...

I've missed your blog posts. Nice to have you back!

Tracy said...

GLAD you are BACK, Cuz! I've missed you.

Beth said...

Well, you know I struggle in the same way with blogging. I think you're right about FB (I have a love-hate feeling about it). And just like a party, I leave feeling exhausted whereas a lunch with a friend is rejuvenating. :) Glad to read your post!

bluecottonmemory said...

I miss you, too! Once a year, I go over my blog list - and it makes me sad when someone has folded up their chair and gone somewhere else.

I love the support system here for the big and little challenges - a good word, a friend who prays.

Have a sweet week, Diane! I am so glad I dropped by!

Stephanie said...

Great post! I feel the same about facebook :-)

Susie Buetow said...

This is really crazy because I know that I still follow you around but haven't been to your blog in a long time. I think of you around Easter time or so because at one time I joined your Bread week and my cinnamon rolls are linked. I think this was 2009. I alway love your photos.

So here to say HI from my blog. I clicked the link and did my yearly visit! ha

I did switch up my blog name from Scraps of Life to SusieQTpies Cafe to get my own domain on Blogger.

See ya again soon! susie

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