Bubbles, Bubbles

For some reason, my boys don't really want to blow bubbles for me to photograph any more.

caleb profile bw sm

Maybe it's because they're 20 (above) and almost 19 (below).

zach profile bw sm

I suppose that's a good possibility. LOL!

Fortunately, at 9 years old, my niece still enjoys bubble blowing. She's pretty good at it, too.

mrs bubbles-1sm


mrs bubbles-2sm

This has always been one of her favorite things to do with me.

mrs bubbles-3sm

I sure could've used her the other day when I was trying to blow bubbles in the cold so they would freeze. It was a little challenging to blow them, set down the wet, drippy wand, get the camera up (after wiping my hand on my jeans), compose, focus, and get a shot before they popped. But I still got some.

silver bubble

bubble jeep

frozen bubble-1sm

frozen bubble-2sm]

frozen bubble-3sm

Good times all the way around.


Kristal said...

Very cool shots! I have been trying to get them in the cold, but like you, can't get them blown and captured by myself. Also have a bit too much wind to get them to land without popping!

The dB family said...

I just spent some time catching up again. I have been so MIA in the blogosphere for the last six months or more. Are you sure they're 19 and 20? ;o) How does that happen? We have one heading off to university this autumn. Incredible! I have never thought of blowing bubbles in the freezing temps. I'll have to try it. I'm on a decluttering hiatus at the moment, but will return to it again soon.


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