Thanksgiving Weekend, part 2

Go here for Thanksgiving Weekend part 1.


Later Saturday morning, we planned to go to Helen Hunt Falls, walk around the lake at the Broadmoor, and go to Garden of the Gods that day. We also had my two nieces for the day, so now we were up to eleven people. Two vehicles were definitely in order. Sadly, we couldn't get to Helen Hunt Falls because Cheyenne Canyon was closed due to the flooding this summer. Huge disappointment. Up the street is the Starr Kempf house so we checked out his kinetic wind sculptures. They're so amazing.

large bird

short bird

We went the few blocks down to the Broadmoor and met with quite the variety of construction, but finally made our way around to the lake. It was stunning, as ever. We walked around, taking more pictures, but it was a little awkward, given the, um, class of people who stay and live at the Broadmoor.

hotel reflection

mrs water

lake bokeh

c and c kids lake

Then it was off to Garden of the Gods (for yet another vantage point!) after a quick stop at Sonic for hungry and thirsty people. Apparently, beings that it was a beautiful day and a holiday weekend, a LOT of people thought a trip to Garden of the Gods was a good idea. Meaning that parking was a little challenging and we had a bit of a crowd with which to contend as we walked around the park. But again, it was nice to be out and about, walking, taking pictures, and just generally enjoying the day.

I think this is so awesome!

The Garden of the Gods
given to
the City of Colorado Springs
in 1909
by the children
Charles Elliott Perkins
in fulfillment of his wish
that it be kept forever
free to the public

Many thanks to the Perkins family!

That's my kid - yeah, he's taller than I am, but he's still my kid. {wink}
z - bw-sm

Awww...sisterly love!

Always the climbers in Garden of the Gods.
rock climber

Quick! Run past the lady with the camera already. Sheesh.
passing me

One of my lovely nieces.
mrs fence sm

The oldest and the youngest of the collective offspring.
c and x

Somebody was getting tired.
x tired

The volleyballer. Out of her element.

Did I mention that someone was tired?
x tired 3

Like...really tired.
x tired 2

But not too tired to race John back to the car!

We decided on China Village for dinner for their last night. They got their things packed up and we just vegged a bit for the remainder of the evening. In the morning, as the car was being loaded, Carrie and I squeezed in a quick head shot for me, and then they were off a little before 8:00.

She did a great job with my head shot, don't ya' think?


As opposed to the last two times she's come, this one didn't feel quite so short. Sure, I'd love to have had them stay for another day or two, but the time we had was fun and wonderful and not so rushed. We loved meeting Chris (they were married last December) and enjoyed the kids. I guess it's about time we make a trip to Kansas, though, since the count is currently Godwins visiting = 0 and Hilgert/Evans visiting = 3. We'll have to see what we can do to make it so.

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