Just in Case

I think one of the causes behind all the clutter in my life is the dreaded Just in Case. You know, I'll keep this {insert the thing I'm keeping} just in case I want to {insert activity in which I would use said thing}. It applies to all areas of my life; clothes, art and craft supplies, kitchen utensils, papers, emails, purses,...it never ends!

The case for decluttering.

I need to stop that type of thinking. It should be more along the lines of, "Is this useful to me now?" "Will I need/use/want it in the next month?" Obviously, different rules apply to seasonal items. Just because I won't wear those sandals until next summer doesn't mean they should go. In the case of seasonal items, "Will I need/use/want it the next year?" would be more appropriate.

I am not the storehouse for all things that might be wanted or needed in my lifetime. Why do I live like I am?

I always go through phases of frustration with the clutter and right now I'm a bit maxed. I've lost my Bible study, even though I was sure I had put it in a specific location. I've also lost a certain item of underclothing which probably has my missing Fitbit attached to it. Sigh. I make myself crazy. And yes, all three missing items are useful to me now. Right now. I need and want them here and now and cannot find them. What a waste of my time, looking in the same places over and over again because I don't know where else to look.

I hope to make a dent in this with the new questions. Soon. Very soon.


Dana said...

Or maybe at least ask yourself if you have a specific plan for certain items. That's how I look at fabric and yarn. I'm not likely to use it in the next month, but if I actually have a pattern for it, then there's a good likelihood I will actually use it. When the baby doesn't need my attention quite so frequently. :)

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Good point, Dana. Obviously, a month may not apply to everything (nor a year), but it's more about the idea of having a filter through which to view the stuff and decide if there's any *real* reason to keep it. :-)

Dana said...

My husband does not have this problem. He keeps nothing. I'm lucky to be able to hang on to homeschool curriculum from one child to the next. And if he knew what to do with my yarn short of actually throwing it away, it would probably be gone, too.

bluecottonmemory said...

I loose things all the time - and I keep things forever. The minute I get rid of something, the exact reason I was keeping it comes about. I thought you had stepped out of blogging - Even check my e-mail - lol 'cause I keep everything - I am so glad you are here and that you didn't - 'cause I missed you and you came back! Wishing you a wonderfully happy New Year - kind of makes the beginning of my year a little sweeter!

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