The first day of our mini vacation found us in Breckenridge. They have an alpine slide and we thought it'd be fun to go take a ride. After all, John and I met at the alpine slide that used to be in Colorado Springs. We did have one small glitch in the plans, though. The Comedian is afraid of heights. The only way to ride down an alpine slide is to take the chair lift up the mountain.

I said I'd stay at the bottom with him while John and ClayGuy headed up the mountain.

I knew that the slide was on Peak 8 and we'd been there before and Breckenridge isn't that big a town. We didn't need no stinkin' directions. We drove a ways up Peak 8, but saw no signs or parking lot for the slide, so we headed back into town. Drove around a little more and finally stopped at Loaf 'n' Jug. Yes, to ask for directions. Unfortunately, the lady working there didn't know much and she drew a line on a map, joining two roads that aren't connected in reality. So we drove around some more. After a time, I looked closer at the map and discovered the cashier's mistake.

breck-peak 8 lift

I finally pulled out the iPhone and did a little more research. Apparently I missed an important tidbit. The one that says you can't park up at the alpine slide. That you have to park in town and take the gondola. Great. The Comedian isn't any more likely to ride a gondola than a chair lift. I offered to stay in town him and we could walk around for awhile.


And then an amazing thing happened. Because it took such a long time to figure out where we were going, it gave the Comedian time to get his nerve up and he said he'd ride the gondola up the mountain.


He did it. He got on, hung on, and closed his eyes. But only for a little while. He opened his eyes, tried not to look down, and relaxed a bit. Mostly.

breck-z j gondola

Once we arrived at our destination, another miracle happened. He said he'd take the chair lift up and ride the slide! I think we talked the slide up enough that he really wanted to try it out. I guess he figured since he'd managed a gondola and survived, he could handle the chair lift. So he rode up with me. He even looked down.

breck-c j lift

Of course, the slide was fun. So he wanted to go again.

And we did. And he rode with John.

breck-z j lift

And there was much rejoicing!

breck-boys slide

Maybe even a Hallelujah Chorus.


Beth said...

That's so great--heights are a tough one to get over. I hope he feels confident enough to go again someday. I've never seen an alpine slide; we drove through Breck but didn't stop in town. Sounds like fun, though!

Nikowa said...

Gondola sure, but those chair lifts scare me!

Kelli @ Life in a Barn said...

I'm right there with the Comedian, I would have so have needed the time to get my nerve up. So, proud of him! No pics of the slide?

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