Homeschool Report: Day 1

We started back to homeschool today. I'm happy to report that we had a terrific day, even though plans weren't one hundred percent in place. Of course, there's always a number of administrative-type things to discuss - how this year will be similar to last year and how it will be different, what my expectations are, and such things. We also didn't get a very early start, as hubby needed some help with some business items, the boys didn't get up as early as they should've, and whatever other craziness was going on first thing.

I forgot to get a first day picture of the boys, so it will have to be a second day shot this year. I did, however, measure their height since they keep getting so tall. ClayGuy (my oldest) is 5' 10-1/2" and the Comedian is 6'. I've never felt particularly short because I'm a little on the tall side for women, but that sure has changed, hanging out with boys who are taller than me. In addition, most of their friends are taller then me. But I will say that it's handy to have tall boys - they can reach stuff that I used to have to manage myself.

wilkerson pass

So there you have it. A swell first day back to school and tall sons.

Life is good.

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Beth said...

I keep telling my kids that one day they'll tower over me....but I can't imagine it actually happening! Happy 1st (and now, 2nd) day of school.

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