Perigee Moon

Only in recent months have I had even minimal success with moon shots. They're still not crisp and fantastic, but they're getting better. I wasn't sure I'd get a chance to capture the perigee moon tonight, but was pretty excited to get a handful of shots.

perigee moon1a

perigee moon2

I was sitting in the Avalanche, with my camera on an unopened tripod {monopod, right?} shooting out the driver's window in the back of a church parking lot. You do what you can to make it work.

And yes, I'm aware of that spot in each photo. They're in the rest of them, too. I'm thinking it's the lens, as it's one I don't use often and it hasn't been there until tonight. Will be getting that checked out pronto.


Jenn said...

Beautiful picture! I tried to get some pictures last night too. I had to go up the road though cuz you couldn't see it from my house. Too many trees. I pulled in a driveway where I could see and before I could get the picture a man came out telling me I could get myself shot parking in his driveway. Oops!! His house was about 250 feet down from where I was.

Unknown said...

i guess me 40 year old eyes can't see the speck. i know my sensor needs to be cleaned on my camera. great shots, and yes, you do what you have to do.

The dB family said...

They're great! We had clear skies here too, but for some reason it never even crossed my mind to get some photos. I've been in a bit of a slump these days though regarding photos. Hopefully the speck is on the outside of your lens. We had to send one in this past year to have it taken apart and cleaned as it was between the glass.


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