This demonstrates why I never use a blow dryer on my hair. That's just downright scary. All it does is add lots of . . . well, air . . . to my hair. Which is precisely what I do not need. However, I decided that if the professional stylist at the salon could straighten my hair and make it look nice, that perhaps I could, too. Don't ask why I would think that. The reality is that most of us can NEVER replicate the skills of a professional stylist - especially upon our own heads. But I am at times delusional and had to give it a try. So here we have the results of the first step - blow drying.

But then, we bring in the most important tool of all for flattening thick, wavy hair like mine - the flat iron. What a remarkable tool. And so much better than a real iron - like the kind one uses for clothes. At least that's what my mom said they used to use. I think I like this one better. And what do you know? I actually was able to do this. And it did NOT take me an hour and a half, like I thought it might.

straight hair b-w

So I've now had straight hair twice in one week. Of course, that may morph into twice in one year (or longer). Because the bottom line is that I really don't care to spend so much time on my hair. So I took a bunch of pix, posted them on my blog, and can look back fondly at the time I pulled off a professional stylist stunt.


Sara Elizabeth said...

You have such thick hair! I have very thin hair, so it looks like your 'after' photo once dried without doing anything to it. I often wish it was thicker. I guess the grass is always green... :)

The dB family said...

The second photo of you is gorgeous!


kayerj said...

camera's do come in handy!

Anonymous said...

OH I love my flat iron, but it's too much work! My hair's so thick I part it in 3's to straighten & it only lasts a day (psoriasis of the scalp)

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

DO love the straightened hair! :D

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