Meeting Friends

When I began blogging nearly three years ago, I never would've thought that I'd get to meet so many new friends. But thanks to homeschool, which led to blogging, which led to Facebook, I do have that opportunity.

Today, my family got to head over to Sonic to meet Valerie (of SoCalVal), her hubby, and kids. What a fun and sweet family! They're looking into moving to Colorado, which I think would be awesome! The boys had a good time hanging out. The hubbies had a nice chat. And of course, Valerie and I had no problem chatting like we were old friends. So we'll be praying for them to know what God wants them to do, where He wants them to go, and when He wants them to do it. While we have our own preferences, we want His will most of all.

What is it about railings and kids? They all had to get into the act!

What a cutie!

Just hanging out.

The higher the better.

He was back even further than this.

Okay, this one didn't care, as long as he had his PSP. Which promptly attracted others.

There is one good shot of Valerie and me, but I'm waiting for her to share it since it's on her camera.


Kela said...

That is so cool!! I'm glad that you got to meet a bloggy friend! I have hopes of meeting many of my friends one day. The bonds are usually so strong between these friendships.

SoCalVal said...

You're awesome! Thanks so much for meeting us for ice cream! Your family is beautiful and what fun we had!!! You young men are such gentlemen. I can't wait to see what the Lord does with our lives... maybe we'll be neighbors some day soon!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I am so jealous! (whining) I wanna go!!! :)

Kathryn Lang said...

Didn't know what I was going to say and thought about backing out of the comments until I read your little rhyme :D.

It's great meeting up with new friends, especially when EVERYONE can get along. We try to open up our home instead of meeting at other locations (we live on a creek in the woods and it's GREAT for boys) and even though I often dread having a bunch of people over during the mad rush to straighten up I am always thrilled with the chance to visit and hang out!

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