Fresh Start Week

Somehow, with the school year winding down, hubby starting his business, and life in general happening, I have completely lost my grip on just about everything. As the CFO/Admin/Officer/Whatever-Else-I-Am of my husband's company, I'm functioning with an office on three floors. This is what using a laptop can do to a person. I must say that it's not the most efficient way to do this job.

allium even closer

It's also that time of year when I am required by the homeschooling laws of my state to test my 9th grade son. I have the test. I just have not yet administered it. Speaking of homeschool, our year was up and down, which is to say that it was entirely normal. But we didn't cover as much as I believe we ought. Which is also entirely normal. So we'll be doing enrolling in Slacker High's Homeschool Light this summer. Which equates to a few hours of studies per week.

I've hung in there these past few weeks with all the chaos balls in the air, but they're starting to drop. Like ripe pumpkins. And it's kind of yucky and messy. Which does not make for a very smooth-running operation around here. Therefore, it's time for some regrouping, organizing, and purging. Or something resembling that.

the one tulip

To that end, here's the game plan:

Give the boys a list on Monday of what they need to do for school, as well as chores. It will be up to them to manage their time. If they complete all the school work on Monday, they're free for the week. If they procrastinate, there will be no getting together with friends on Friday. Of course, being the mom, I'll offer some brilliant advice, "If you do a little each day, you'll have plenty of free time, and you won't feel overwhelmed by trying to do it all at once. It's important to learn how to balance your time." This, of course, will be rejected out-of-hand, precisely because I'm the mom.

I will also begin working on next school year's plans. As well as administering the test for ClayGuy.

The Biz:
We need a system for handling incoming repair orders, payments, invoices, and other sundry paperwork that my dear breadwinner brings home each day. Right now, he just hands it to me. This works okay, unless I'm cooking dinner, out in the garden, or otherwise detained. Additionally, I've started some files in a file tote, but we will outgrow that system in approximately the next 30 days or so. The files need a more permanent home. On a happy note, I did purchase an "entered" stamp, so I know when the ROs have been entered into QuickBooks. Cause I'm super organized and efficient like that.

Meals & Groceries:
Time to re-implement my meal planning and grocery shopping system. It works really well. When I actually use it. We eat at home more, eat healthier, and eat cheaper. But it's one of those processes where things must be done in a certain order. I don't cook much if we don't have the proper food in our house. But I don't grocery shop if I haven't created meal plans. On Wednesday, I'll be perusing the grocery store fliers and planning some meals.

The Rest of It:
There's a list a few miles long beyond these three things, but if I can complete the three before the end of the week, I'll take care of at least some of them. That's the goal anyway. And by posting here, I will have something by which to assess my week.

snacking chickadee

The photos are SOOC and come from our yard. I'd have done some editing, but I have a cake to bake. It's my mom's birthday today, after all. But it just never seems right to post without something nice to look at.

For something else nice to look at, go to my photoblog and see if you can help solve my flower mystery.

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carrie said...

yep. sounds familiar. God Speed on getting it all together. You can do it!

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