While out and about this morning (in cyberspace), I visited Robin, my very fastidious friend, who recently found herself not so concerned about typos. In a good way. Be sure to read about her very recent trip to India with Compassion International.

Which led me over to Pioneer Woman's confessions. While I love reading PW and have spent plenty o'time at her blog, I just happened to catch a link to a bloggy friend of hers this morning - April over at Coal Creek Farm. I figure if she's got the PW Stamp of Approval, there's probably some interesting and fun things to read. Boy, was I in for a treat.

Her first post is about a lovely Mother's Day Giveaway. I would highly recommend checking this out. It's jewelery. Always a good thing.

Her second post? OH. MY. GOSH. HYSTERICAL!!! It seems her family raises bees. Or something. She graciously shares the funniest post I've read in a long time about capturing a swarm. You have GOT to go read this. Actually, it's the video at the end that puts it all into perspective. And April, if for some reason, you find out I'm writing about your video, please know that I am laughing with you, not at you. I really don't do well with bees. I'd have been the same gal behind the camera. Maybe worse. But since I wasn't behind the camera, nor on your property, . . . probably not even in your state, I'm laughing. A lot. Man that was funny. Thanks for keeping it real.

Last year, I had a very small scale run-in with a bee or two. Nothing like April's experience. But the photos are pretty.

After watching April's video, I wondered if there was an actual phobia for fear of bees (like there wouldn't be one?). A quick jaunt over to Wikipedia cleared that up for me.

Fear of bees or bee stings is one of common fears among people. Apiphobia (from Latin apis for "honeybee") or melissophobia (from Greek melissa for "honeybee"), and Spheksophobia (from the Latin Sphekso for wasp) is an abnormal fear of bees and wasps, a kind of specific phobia. (From Wikipedia)

Another fine example of the "why" behind Bunny Trails. I'm so all over them.

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