Bowling for Dorks

Many years ago, my sister and I were looking for something fun to do one evening. There weren't any good movies to see and we just wanted to do something different. So we opted for bowling.

Understand that at this point in our lives, she had bowled maybe once. I think I had bowled maybe twice. One of those times was after a local prom - in our formal clothes at around 2:00 in the morning. I doubt we were really honing our skills at that point.

So the bowling alley dude, using his super sharp sleuthing skills, determines that we are clueless, and he puts us on the center lane, right in front of his little booth. We were sort of hoping for a lane far away from public view. Like maybe a hidden practice lane or something, through a secret door. No such luck.

We were the two biggest bowling dorks ever seen. I can only imagine how hard it was for bowling alley dude to breathe and speak to customers while simultaneously laughing at us. To top it off, this was before the days of automated scoring. For those of you who aren't old enough, there was a time when you got a piece of paper with little squares on it, and maybe a little miniature golf pencil, and you actually had to calculate your score with your own math skillz.

The math skillz weren't really a problem. The fact that we had no idea how to score in bowling was more the issue. So in classically crazy Calvin & Hobbes fashion, we made up our own method of scoring. Sorta like Calvin-ball. Only this was Calvin-bowl. No worries, it was our score sheet. We could do what we wanted.

Yeah, right. When we went back to bowling alley dude's booth to pay up or something, he asked for our score sheet. Dumbfounded, we looked at him and asked "Why?" I personally don't think he really needed it. I think he just wanted to laugh some more at these two inept young ladies. I guess he said something convincing, because we handed it over. We might've gotten away with our version of Calvin-bowl, but I think the fractions gave us away.

We had an exceptionally fun time. That's how we operate - the dorkier we are, the more fun we have. As a bonus, we also provided entertainment value for bowling alley dude, and possibly anyone near the center lane.


Suzanne said...

I thought perhaps you were going to say one of you married the bowling alley dude! What a fun time it must have been.

I love silliness, but have to admit I don't let myself be silly very often. I think that needs to change, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Last time I went bowling, we had to manually tabulate our own score. That was a few "days" ago however. When did that change?

We weren't smart enough to Calvin-ize it. OR use fractions! Ha! Ha! Wish we would have thought of doing that. Would have made mine look much better.

Dawn said...

I taught elementary school for my first two years in a very rural area. The town was SMALL. So at 22 I was asked to sign up for the town bowling league. Now, I had bowled before, but never on a league! I have to admit I was the weakest link...but I did get better over time and it turned out to a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne...No, she didn't marry the bowling alley dude. She married the Alpine Slide dude! I'm sure he was a much better choice!
Mom :-)

carrie said...

that would have been quite the show.

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