Why does the apartment complex go the trouble of having signs printed (I assume they paid money for said signage) to put out on their property that say:

"We ♥ our residents"

I mean, really now. What's the alternative?

"We HATE our residents and their little dogs too"

Of course, they ♥ them. Without them, they receive no rental income. With no income, they have no jobs. What a stupid sign.


Why does the townhouse/apartment complex have a big old sign in front that advertises the following?

Home of the "Yes I Can Service"

Apparently no one understood that the end quote belongs AFTER the word 'can.' Even if the people who requested it don't know better, isn't there someone at the sign company who knows how to proofread? Anyone?



Why do we (women in particular) compare and criticize ourselves so much? For a humorous take on this one, check out Pioneer Woman's perspective on photos of herself. PW is beautiful, people. I know countless women bloggers who want to BE her. Or at least be very much like her, minus the horse dung. She's beautiful, yet even she critiques herself to pieces. With a stellar sense of humor. This made me laugh. Very much.


I have many more "why?" questions, but they escape me now. Why is that? Why is it that I can't retrieve information when I want it? It only appears at random moments when it's completely irrelevant. And then what am I supposed to do with it? Like last night, just before I dozed off, I had a brilliant idea for a blog post. This morning? Gone. Vanished.


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