25 Random Things

Since I already came up with this over at Facebook, this makes for an easy post here. In the original meme, you naturally have to tag people. Well, I'm not really up for taggage right now. So if you want to play, jump on in, the water's fine. If not, you get to learn some tidbits about me you may not have known.

Enjoy. Laugh. Shake your head in wonder.

  1. I get earworms all the time. In case you think that's something parasitic, it's not. "Main Entry: earworm Part of Speech: n Definition: a song or tune that gets stuck in one's mind and repeats as if on a tape; also written ear-worm, ear worm; also called cognitive itch, sticky tune." Maybe I should use sticky tune, as that's much less disgusting-sounding.

  2. I actually LOST weight with my first pregnancy. When I went for my 6-week checkup, I weighed 30 pounds LESS than before I got pregnant. This was after giving birth to a healthy 8 lb, 3 oz boy.

  3. Sadly, that didn't happen the second time around.

  4. I cannot stand Oreos.

  5. I crunch on ice. Again. I used to and then I stopped. Now I do it again. Don't really know why.

  6. When my husband proposed to me, I thought he was going to break up with me and go back to his ex-girlfriend.

  7. He didn't, I said "yes," and we've been very happily married for over 22 years.

  8. In the first eight years of marriage, we lived in 10 different places in two states. In one house, we only lived for 3 months. No, we're not military - we just moved a lot.

  9. I spent my 14th birthday at a disco in Mexico City. It was a 9th grade Spanish field trip.

  10. I learned how to change a tire when I was 10 or 11. My Dad taught me. I hung out in the garage with him.

  11. I can type 125 wpm with no errors. At least I used to be able to. I still type fast.

  12. I am a recovering perfectionist.

  13. I wish I were more creative and a better photographer. In reality, I probably just want more time to be creative and learn better photography skills.

  14. I have excellent organizational skills, but apparently no ability to implement them in my own life.

  15. I made my own wedding dress, veil, and flower bouquets.

  16. I once made my husband a suit - fully lined, tailored, the whole 9 yards. It was MUCH harder than my wedding dress.

  17. I can't stand to have water sitting in the dirty dishes in the sink.

  18. I've broken my right foot twice. The first time, I slipped off the side of a pair of wooden clogs. I was 17. The second time I was walking. In flat shoes. No reasonable explanation for it. I was 28.

  19. I told people that I broke it while bungee jumping because the truth was so boring.

  20. I lived through the 7.1 Loma Prieta Earthquake on October 17, 1989, opening day of the World Series. My cousin and I were in Taco Bell to grab some dinner on our way to class at D'Anza College. We slid under a table and laid on the floor giggling. We tended to laugh at most everything in life. We had no idea just how serious it was.

  21. One of my two best friends from high school and I used to regularly write letters when I lived in CA and she lived in CO. Back in the day when phone calls were too expensive and we weren't online. Most of our letters were 10-14 pages long. Neither of us could've afforded the phone bill.

  22. I took a graphic design class in high school. I was very interested in it, but never pursued it further. I wish I had.

  23. I've done our taxes every year of our marriage. I also did all of my own taxes for years before, as well as my sister's. She even fed-exed her taxes to me once when we lived in different states. I did take a federal tax class in college, but that was long after I'd already been doing them. I don't think I remember anything from the class. Now I use Turbo Tax.

  24. I was a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! for 8 years. It was a blast. As a result, I have too many stamps, too much paper, and other accoutrement.

  25. When we were young, our family had a Ford Country Squire 10-passenger station wagon. It was green with wood grain trim. My sister and I would sit cross-legged, wrapped in blankets in the back of the car, with all the seats down. My dad would take turns and corners a little sharp, hit the brakes a little harder, and accelerate quickly, so we'd slide all over the place, bashing into the car sides and each other. It was SO much fun!


Kaylia Metcalfe said...

What a great list! (I did this too!)

Oh! ... I remember the '89 quake! I was at Valco Mall on the catwalk and I was freaked out.

Dawn said...

#12....Me too!
Loved your list:)

Rachael said...

We totally had a car like that, and my sister and I used to do that. We called it "Do what the car makes you do". Ha.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your list! I just finished mine on Facebook, but since my page is private was considering posting it on my blog - maybe I will. :)
Or... I've been thinking I should redo my 100 things I did for my 100th post on my old blog, maybe I'll just do that instead and use these as the first 25. ;)
And I didn't know what they were called - but I get ear worms ALL THE TIME, too. Sometimes they get stuck in there for DAYS. :)

Gabriel said...

That's very interesting! I saw this meme in Facebook, many of my friends are doing it (perhaps I should too!).

Find me in FB, I'm under my real name (Gabriel Almada)! :-)

carrie said...

I used to crunch on ice too, but now I'm afraid of breaking my teeth.

ditto on #12

#11 I bow to you

#4 we'll have to agree to disagree

#17 what about just the dishes?

was this hard for you? I found it to be delightful to write mine.I love randomness and I know you do too. Others have said it was sooooo hard.Maybe I just think about myself too much. ;P

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