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Disclaimer: The photos are entirely unrelated to the words. Their sole purpose is to break up the uber-wordiness of this post.

Do you know about AccuRadio? It's pretty darned cool. Because our Christmas music is all packed away, except for Trans Siberian Orchestra, because we bought a CD at the concert, I was trying to hook into some good Christmas tunes online. One of my Twitter friends, Lorraine, was kind enough to share AccuRadio with me. And I dig 'em. It's free, but they're always open to donations. They have an incredible amount of options for your listening pleasure. And it sure beats the pants off of sitting here in the studio/craft/guest room with only the click click click of the keyboard for my listening pleasure. So check it out. Or not. It's up to you.

Yep, I'm at it again, pure and simple randomness. It's all I have lately. Not sure what that's all about.

Speaking of the studio/craft/guest room (maybe I'll rename it the SCG room), I got through a TON of stuff in there today. It's far from done, but boy howdy, do I feel much better about it. Threw away a lot of things that will never be used and are a total waste of real estate. It's a very good thing.

I love the way "studio" sounds - it gives the impression illusion that I'm an artiste or something classy. "Craft room" makes me feel like I'm in elementary school. I'm just not sure what to call this room. It's our 4th bedroom and it hosts a workbench (where I scrapbook), one of my printers, a twin bed, a big desk, the homeschool supplies and resources, all my scrapping and stamping supplies, and my off-season clothes. I sometimes blog, twitter, and surf here. School planning happens here. Calling it the "spare room" or "extra bedroom" or "other bedroom" just sounds so blah. So what do I call it? If I change its name all the time, no one will know what room I'm referring to.

It's also warmer here than in the dining room, so yesterday when Lucy came over to visit, we hung out up here. Even though it was packed full of boxes and totes. Even though only person can maneuver in and out at a time. She sat on the bed to knit and I started the sorting and purging process. With the laptop here, we can have groovy tunes (see AccuRadio), and we can keep an ear out for those crazy Wii-playing kids right beneath us. Ha! Ha! Not that there's much to hear. Just my boys getting a little overzealous with Super Mario Smash Bros.

So any ideas?" Multi-purpose room" (which it totally is) sounds like a gymnasium/cafeteria/etc. room at a school. Help me out here, peeps. Please?

I was perusing my photos last night as I stayed up way too late watching the second run of Monk and Psych and I discovered that I do have a photo a day so far for 2009. So I can start Project 365 retroactively. Well, I guess it's post them retroactively. I already took them. I'm getting them resized and ready to post, so I should have them up before the weekend's over. You'll be able to see them at Photo Bunny. The first few days were incredibly boring, though. But that's okay. It will still provide a chronicle of sorts of the year in photos. It makes me think about photography more. I'm still such a novice photographer. I love looking at the work of others. It inspires me.

Last night we went to Red Lobster with my parents for dinner. It was delicious. For whatever reason, I thought I'd have something besides crab. I have no idea what compels me to think such nonsense. I mean, seriously, if I'm going to Red Lobster, that's what I have. So I ordered some shrimp dish. Although my mom had already ordered crab. Then hubby ordered crab & salmon. And I knew that I'd be sorely disappointed when they were enjoying their succulent steamed crab and I was nibbling on shrimp. Not that I don't like shrimp, but we're talking CRAB. So I changed my order. I'm sure the waitress appreciated that. It was SO good. Haven't had crab in a very long time. Like probably my dad's birthday in November. 2007. He didn't choose Red Lobster for his birthday dinner last year. Which was an enormous letdown for the Comedian. He had been anticipating Grandpa's birthday dinner, because he was hankering for some coconut shrimp. He was a happy, happy boy last night. Not only did he get a scrumptious meal, he spent the night at a friend's house. And played and played and played. Until midnight.

I think I know why I'm having a hard time blogging anything anymore. It's a two-part discovery.

1. I spend too much screen time on Twitter. It's a love/hate thing, I think. I love the ongoing chit chat with friends. But it's also a constant distraction. Which isn't good when you suffer from Anti-Gravity Colander Brain.

2. Words and creativity flow more freely for me at night. Later at night. The later, the better. Either that, or I get entirely loopy. Sadly, age has forced me into a longer sleep pattern. Which I mostly don't mind these days, but I'm missing out on some good stuff. Because I'm asleep.

I used to live just fine and dandy on 4-6 hours of sleep per night (that was a really good night). But I just can't any more. I was mad about that for a long time. I felt that I was losing out on productive time. I finally had to get over myself and accept that I need more sleep than I used to. But it definitely impedes my creative side. And no snarky comments about how entirely uncreative my blog is. Or my photos. Or my writing. Even if you're thinking it. At least I won't know. I can't hear your thoughts through my laptop. Which is probably a good thing. I can live on in oblivion.

Of course, if I keep writing these really long, meandering posts, I won't have to worry about people thinking strange things about me. I'll lose them entirely. You know what the proverbial "they" say about blogging. Something about not writing so much. Of course, "they" say other things, too. And I don't obey "them." I have a hard enough time obeying those I know. Much less "those" I've never met, can't identify, nor figure out where they get their information. Maybe these posts are good for insomnia.

Can't sleep? Go to Bunny Trails for a dose of mundane droning about nothing . . . what was that you said? Sorry, I must've fallen asleep, while reading her drivel.

Isn't my little carrot border cute? I made it. All by myself. I was rather pleased with myself for that. You know, it's the little accomplishments in life that make my day. It's tiny, cause it was created for my sidebar.

I've been going through the Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book to try and learn more about CS3. It's gone very well until Chapter 6. They have you do a myriad of things on one project, which is all fine and dandy. Except I feel like I'm doing it, but totally not getting it. It's like I'm in a calculus class or something. Not that I ever took calculus, but that's what I imagine it would be like. Not that I really spend a lot of time imagining about a calculus class. Sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah, the CS3 class. I'm only halfway through the book and it's probably due back in another week or two. Sigh. That's another reason I've been blogging less. Cause I want to get through this before I have to return the book.

I should put some photos in this post. Maybe it would break up some of the monotony. Too many words. No pictures. Not good. Hopefully by the time this actually posts, there'll be some irrelevant photos to view.

So then. Have a great evening, day, night, whatever time it is where you live if you made it this far.

Why is Wilson Pickett singing "Born to be Wild?" I mean, I dig the blues and WP, but this is a little . . . unusual.

Well, I guess that's it. Really. No more off the wall comments to throw out at you. I think I've used my quota of rambling posts for the month (quarter? year?) I'll try to collect something more cohesive for next time.

Until then.


Anonymous said...

AccuRadio rox. Also, I'd call it a studio, because that's where the magic happens. But I named my laptop Odina because this is where I do my scrapping and all, and Odina is supposed to be Scandinavian for "Divine Creative Inspiration". Awesome.

I just found out about Project 365! I like the Weeds & Wildflowers take on it - http://weedsandwildflowersdesign.com/theweedpatch/viewtopic.php?t=2010 - because they are all about at least Journal something each day. Dude! I twitter! I can always grab a bit about my day from there!

Twitter definitely sucks the life out of blogging. By the end of the day, when us mom finally have enough time to sit and blog, it's already all out there on twitter.

And the whole creativity later at night. I so feel you. I was a night owl. Then I had kids.

Dude... It's almost like we're twins with the AGCB, the twitter-drain, & no-longer-night-owl syndrome. Except, I don't like Crab, so... we're totally not. *S*

Love the photos, and good luck with the CS3 class. I'm still learning new things about my ancient CS2 & 3 yr old camera.

Barb said...

Now you know why there are always so many photos in my posts. Trust me, you're not cornering the market on long, meanderings. LOL

The coconut shrimp appetizer at Red Lobster is to die for. And part of it is the wonderful coconut sauce dip. And...I found the recipes. :-)

These photos may not relate to anything you said, but they certainly are fun!

carrie said...

yep, that was pretty random.

Marimoy said...

I have been listening to accuradio for years and love it. Love the carrot border too. I wish we had Red Lobster here.

Susan {LilbearMe} said...

I'm supposed to be learning CS3 via some dvd's my hubby bought (some time ago). Like now would be a good time...except that I'm busy blogging. Oh well. I love the cute carrot border! How'd you do that? I've got to figure out how to dress up my blog. Hopefully CS3 will help. If I ever watch the dvd's. ;-D

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