Time to Regroup

Hard to believe that it's been 9 days and I haven't posted a thing! Prior to blogging, it was amazing how many things I could come up with to blog about. Now time is zipping by and I've written nothing.

The past week turned out to be not-so-great and I spent little to no time at the computer. After spending quiet time with God, prayer, and talking with my dear friend, Jenny, I decided that this coming week would be dedicated to regrouping. Homeschool has gotten off-track, things around the house are a mess, the biz is scattered, and the financial side needs to be attended to. This was supposed to be vacation week anyway, since my Honey was taking the week off and Son #1 has a birthday on Friday. However, Honey got a new job and this will be his last 4 days with the current employer. Since his last day is Thursday, he gets to join us for the birthday day!

I will get rolling with some regular posts this week - school plans for the next unit, learning to FLY, etc.

Until then, blessings!

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