Manitou - the Penny Arcade

photo booth outside

photo booth inside

After lunch, we dropped by the Penny Arcade and YES, the photo booth was in working order! John and I have taken pictures in there a couple of times in years past, so this was very exciting to me. Of course, we inserted our three dollars in quarters so that we could have the little strip of paper with four dark, slightly fuzzy photos of ourselves.

penny arcade sign

penny arcade window

John exchanged some green money for quarters and we hit the games. There's just about anything and everything at the Penny Arcade - rides, racing games, Ms Pac Man, and even the original Donkey Kong. You can shoot pool, play air hockey, look at yourself in warped mirrors, and earn tickets playing Skeeball. And then there's the room with the antique games. Like English Football, peep shows, love meters, shooting games, and pinball.


english football

penny football

baseball pinball

me mirror
My personal favorite - the slimming, hipless mirror.

We also picked up some Patsy's Saltwater Taffy. They've been there long since before I remember and it's always a treat to have some of the best taffy around.

patsys sign

patsys taffy

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Kristal said...

Sounds like such a great place to visit! Love the photo booth! And that artist from the other post was cool!

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