Manitou - Marilyn's Pizza

marilyns outside
We did end up spending a good portion of yesterday in Manitou Springs. First up, lunch at Marilyn's Pizza, where you can get a pizza of incredible flavor. I again had the Five Cheese pizza - Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta . . . and I forgot the other two. Probably something along the line of Romano, Parmesan, or Asiago. All that cheesy goodness is layered atop a basil pesto sauce and thin, homemade crust. Makes my mouth water to just think about it. Fortunately, I have leftovers that I'll be having for lunch.

marilyns inside
In addition to fantastic pizzas, Marilyn's is quite the tribute to Ms. Monroe. There are photos and posters galore of her - some familiar, others not so much, an old refrigerator towards the back with small images of Marilyn glued/ModPodged over the entire thing, and everything is purple (except outside, which is pink). I'm not sure how purple evokes Marilyn, but that's okay. It's fitting for Manitou which is a quirky, artsy, touristy, sort of town.

zach bike
A bike too big even for my 6'1" son, Zach.

dulcimer dog
Dog in the doorway of the Dulcimer Shop

This is actually a multi-part post, since I had so many fun photos, I thought I should split it up a bit.

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