18 Years Ago - Bored, No Baby, and a Movie

Eighteen years ago today, I was not having a baby. Which was kind of a big deal because it was my first son's due date. Although I didn't know I was having a son at that point.

It was a Saturday and John and I were quite bored. Because you don't really make plans on your baby's due date since you might actually have the baby. Or not.

So we went to see a movie. Cool Runnings. Which is fairly remarkable, because by the end of my pregnancy, I had the attention span of a two year old. Exponential ADD. But somehow I managed to follow along with the entire movie. It's a great movie, btw. If you've never seen it, you should.

Not having our baby wasn't too much of a surprise since there had been no contractions or anything else that indicated he was on his way. But it made for an odd day of limbo.

I was also done working, as Friday was my last day before going on maternity leave. Even more living in limbo. I couldn't do a lot of the things that I liked doing because I was very pregnant, had terrible sciatica in my right leg, numb fingers from swelling in my wrists, and that whole issue of no ability to focus.

And I couldn't limbo well with an 8+ pound baby in my tummy, even though that's where I was living. He stayed there another four days, too.

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Beth said...

Those must have been some long days! Loved Cool Runnings.

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