18 Years Ago - Nothing to Do

Two days after Caleb's due date and it was my first day off by myself. John went back to work, being that it was Monday and all.

  • I couldn't finish painting the border on the baby's walls (numb fingers)
  • I couldn't do any crafts (numb fingers)
  • I couldn't clean very well (sciatica)
  • I learned that daytime television is extremely BORING
  • I couldn't focus on anything else (extreme ADD)

So I called my office and told them I was coming back on Tuesday.

That, my friends, is seriously bored.

I had a doctor's appointment and he scheduled me to be induced on Wednesday morning. The baby was over eight pounds and I'd had borderline gestational diabetes the last couple of months of my pregnancy, so he really didn't want the baby to get too big..

So I went back to work on Tuesday, having nothing to really do there, either, but at least there were people with whom to interact and hang out. I had already trained my temporary replacement so I didn't exactly have a job to do. But there was a quarterly meeting with a group of physicians that night so I worked on getting that ready. I also attended the meeting that evening. Even if I went into labor, I would be in a room of primary care physicians. I was sure they could handle a delivery. Their services went unneeded, though.

So I went home later that night and John and I sat in the family room, watching tv, discussing the fact that this would be the last time we did so by ourselves for a very long time.

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The dB family said...

This post just made me smile! It's neat how life changes. I like change when I can plan it :oS.


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