Clock Adjustment

72-daylight savingEvery time we go on or off of Daylight Saving Time, it takes me awhile to get around to changing the clock on the stereo in my van. For one thing, I can never remember how to do it without the manual. Fortunately, I am smart enough to keep the manual handy in the crate between my front seats. Not only that, but it's always open to the page with the clock setting instructions clearly marked for my easy usage.

Yesterday, I wanted to be sure I got my clock adjusted because it gets rather annoying to have the wrong time on it. I pulled the manual out and handed it to my son, so I'd have a reminder to set it when I got home. Yeah, right. I carried the manual into the house with my purse and other stuff. Once I realized what I'd done, I went back out to the van, turned the key on, popped out a CD for my son, and set my clock.

Finally. The correct time in my van.

Fast forward almost 24 hours to early this afternoon. It's time to leave and my keys aren't hanging on their hook. While I may be inconsistent about a lot of things, I'm pretty sure my keys make it onto the hook about 95% of the time or more. But they weren't there. I checked my purse. Nope. The buffet, counter, and table. Nope. I couldn't possibly have left them in the van. Could I?

I took a walk outside and looked in the van and sure enough - they were right there in the steering column. Not good.

Then I also noticed that they didn't seem to be at the correct angle. It appeared that perhaps the keys were still turned on, based upon that angle. For nearly 24 hours. Also not good.

Yes, I do have an extra key - on my husband's key ring. Since he does mobile RV service, there are a lot of places he could be. Fortunately I knew where he was. Unfortunately, he was around 50 miles away. For pretty much the entire day. Third not good.

Thanks to my mom, I was able to get where I needed to go, and back home again. And then John got home around dinner time. They keys were still right where I left them. Sadly, I was right about the angle - the keys were on. The battery was dead as it could be.

battery charger

I am so grateful that I have a handy husband with LCTS {Lots of Cool Tools and Stuff}. He promptly pulled out the battery charger and hooked me up.

My hero!


Anonymous said...

Glad that things are back to normal...whatever that might mean! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think he's our whole family's hero!
mom :-)

kaye said...

my daughter borrowed my car and set my clock while she had it--I'm not sure if would have gotten around to it.

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