Note to Self

For as often I think I don't accomplish much, I just had to put this into writing. Consider it my Note-to-Self that says, "YES, I do get things done." During the past three days, the following things happened:
    • Laundered 3 loads of sheets (for my massage therapist)

    • Cleaned the kitchen

    • Blogged a little

    • Closed my Pampered Chef party

    • Posted a devotion on HSBA

    • Paid some bills

    • Washed & dried clothes

    • Scheduled chiropractor appointments

    • Took son to band

    • Edited articles for women's ministry newsletter

    • Finished Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson

    • Took care of sick hubby

    • Helped bake brownies

    • Took boys to bowling

    • Made spaghetti dinner for 5 kids

    • Baked chocolate chip cookies

    • Baked chocolate cake for hubby's birthday

    • Purchased fabric for little photo box

    • Set up a box for photographing son's clay creations

    • Took photos to sell son's clay creations

    • Catalogued clay creations

    • Picked up groceries

    • Took son & his friend to Bible study

    • Attended stamp club

    • Shopped for hubby's birthday

    • Received a crash course on Quark

    • Had Bible study at my house

    • Decorated hubby's birthday cake

    • Celebrated hubby's birthday

Of course, the usual things like sleeping, showering, brushing my teeth, making the boys get up, putting on shoes, etc. still took place. (Not that those are my only "usual" things. Ha! Ha!)


Anonymous said...

All this in the Uni-tasking mode? I'm impressed! I always knew you were Superwoman. Caleb is selling his clay sculptures? Do I get first choice? Hope the B.D. was a good one for John.
Love you,

Gina said...

I like the idea of making a list *after* you get stuff done. Too often I get paralyzed by my to do list.

How sweet that your Mom commented. :-)

Homeschool Housewife said...

You are awesome. I did not get near as much done. I think you deserve a hot bath with a new book. Wish your husband a Happy Birthday from your bloggy friends!


Bunny Trails said...

Thanks, Mom! Guess I inherited your SW as well as dork jeans! LOL!

Gina - I like it too. Maybe I'll do that more often. It's a bit affirming rather than overwhelming!

HH - If I still had my old HUGE bathtub, I would take a bath. My dinky little pink tub is just annoying and sad, comparatively speaking. So I no longer take long, luxurious baths. :( Oh well.

Hubby says thanks!! :)

Robin said...

Wow- you have accomplished a lot! I have to admit, I'm a little envious - my life goes so crazy that even the best planned days never happen the way they are supposed to!

Bunny Trails said...

Robin - this is SO not indicative of normal for me. It was just a snippet of time during which I was trying to get some things done. But I also found that by going back and listing what I've done, I actually did more than I tend to think. My days aren't always so productive, but at least I can come back here and see a time that they were! :D

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