Moms & July 4th Giveaways

If you're a mom, be sure to check out 5 Minutes for Mom. These ladies have a plethora of good information, encouragement, tips, humor, great things to buy, and so on.


Another thing they do is give away terrific stuff! Nearly all the time. This time it's to celebrate the 4th of July. So be sure to check out their site (bring a cup of coffee or tea, there's a lot there!) and you might find a giveaway (or two) you're interested in.

Oh, speaking of giving away stuff, I won a book from them this morning! They've started a new column about scrapbooking. The woman who's writing that one has a book called, Real Women Scrap and I won one of five autographed copies! Woo hoo!! That's a fun email to find first thing in the a.m.


Gina said...

Yeah for you!

I never win anything. I enter enough contests on line that one of these days its bound to pay off. LOL

My daughter thought it was very cool that kids in CO have the same reading program she's doing. :-)

Bunny Trails said...

The library thing is kind of cool. I guess you could have kids even communicating (pen pal-like) about what they're reading or something.

There are plenty of contests I never win - like all the Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, and Womans Day. I haven't won a single solitary one of those. I guess I fare better when there aren't a bazillion entries! LOL! But that's okay - I still get jazzed about the stuff I do win! :D

AnneMarie said...

congrats on winning the book!!! I love to scrap to.. been doing it a while now :)

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