Normal Tomorrow

I think I'll return to blogging tomorrow. For the past few days, I've been in a rather funky mood - maybe I caught it from Sprittibee? Or not. Anything I try and blog about is just depressing and pathetic. So I didn't post. I think I'll return to normal tomorrow, though.

LOL! Like there's such a thing as NORMAL?!?!?

So how do you like me disguised as Link in a Deku mask?

We went to see Pirates 3 this morning. We found out that at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, the theatre is really not very busy at all. No ticket lines, no sold-out show, and no difficulties sitting where you want (next to whom you want). Besides, at matinee prices, we got in plus got snacks for less than it would've cost to just get in the door last night. Makes a big difference when your kids are now considered adults (whatever!) AND prices increase AND they increase prices for weekend nights! It's the first movie we've been to in eons and we had a great time! Even though it's a long movie, we loved it. Right along with the other two Pirates.

We also watched Miss Potter last night (online rental) which is such a charming movie. My boys even liked it! Who'd have thought that at 13 & 12, they'd enjoy such a movie? But they did.

Hopefully tonight I'll get to sleep - during the night. For some absurd reason, I slept until nearly 11:00 a.m. yesterday. Naturally, my body was not at all ready to go to sleep last night at bedtime - it hadn't been up and functioning long enough. Sooooo, it decided to not cooperate in the sleeping department until 4:30 THIS MORNING!! It seems that my body is forgetting who's the boss here! So, tonight I'm sending myself to bed - early. No more of this "not sleeping" nonsense. Besides, if I am too short of sleep, I might start getting really loopy. I might start bossing myself around or something. Who knows what could happen? I sure wouldn't want to be around for the lunacy that could ensue.

p.s. - Just to clarify, we attend church on Saturday nights. Our church has 3 Sunday morning services and 1 (used to be 2) on Saturday night. Hubby runs the sound board on Saturday nights and we don't arrive late and cranky. That's how we went to a movie on Sunday a.m. Not that I have to justify such actions. But I didn't want y'all thinking I was skipping out on God & church in lieu of "Pirates." No way, not this gal.

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