House (?) Cleaning & Snow, Snow, Snow

One of my email accounts has just been transfered by my ISP, so I figured it was a great time to start cleaning house on my computer. I have too many email accounts, member accounts with various websites, etc. I am also on WAY too many mailing lists, which means I don't read most of them anymore.

So I'm merrily going along and UNSUBSCRIBING like crazy. Then I can start fresh with just a FEW that I actually have the time and interest to read on a regular basis. Whew! I love email, the internet, IMing, blogs, etc., but it also provides an opportunity for me to add more STUFF in my life. Just as I have to be careful with allowing more to come into the house, I really need to be more diligent in not allowing so much information to enter my home through the computer! At least with housecleaning, I'm getting some sort of physical activity. With computer cleaning, I'm just stirring up my carpel tunnel problems, drying out my eyes (already switched to glasses), and causing a stiff back (sounds like I'm old, huh?)! I'm not very good at remembering to get up and stretch and blink and all those good things I'm supposed to do for myself!


It's also snowing again today here in lovely Colorado. We've had more snow in the past few weeks than we've probably had in the past few winters! The boys and I got out and built snow forts. I also got to bury them! (They asked me to) Then it was time to come inside, warm up with some lunch, blankets, a fire, and a movie. Definitely a perfect Friday.

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