End of Eight Years

When I began the homeschool journey, Caleb was just entering middle school (6th grade) and Zach was still at the local public school for 5th. If I were to homeschool all the way through high school, it would be a total of eight years. Not as long as many, but that seemed SO FAR AWAY. But here I am in April of 2013 and that eight-year-mark will arrive next month. Color me stunned.

What ever will I do with myself with no homeschooling responsibilities?

I've decided to start a list. Because I like lists. Mostly I like lists because I like to check or cross things off of lists. (Do you like to check them or cross them off? I'm sort of random, so I'll do both. But not on the same list.)

1. I will lighten my cyberlife by unsubscribing from any remaining homeschool lists, unfriending and unfollowing people with whom I have no relationship beyond homeschooling, and I will remove myself from any other online homeschooling ventures. Not because I don't love homeschooling any more, but it won't be relevant.

2. I will round up all the curriculum, resources, and other such stuff, and sell it or give it away or whatever it takes to get it out of my house and free up some space around here. And I will write long, run-on sentences just for the fun of it because I don't have to be in teacher mode even though I am always an editor at heart.

3. I will stop attending the meetings of the homeschool group I've been a part of for these past eight years. But I still get to meet with them afterward just for fun.

4. I will convince my boys that we should still have Bible and prayer each morning just because I love that time with them. Unless, of course, they don't live here (ha! ha!) as that might be a little inconvenient.

5. I will engage more in my photography business.

6. I will do all those things I never had time for (cleaning out my junk in the garage, purging the closets, finish painting the family room and trim throughout the house, etc.).

{sorry...I just fell out of my chair from laughing so hard at the idea of "doing all those things I never had time for"...bwahahahaha!!!}

7. I will do whatever else God has in store for me of which I know nothing right now.

Doesn't that all sound lovely? I highly doubt it will go that way. Life rarely goes according to plan. I'm pretty sure that #1-3 will happen, but the rest? We'll see how that goes.


The dB family said...

Oh, I hear you! Truthfully though, I still haven't removed all our homeschool curriculum from our home. It's not even as if I'm attached to it. I have told myself that once the youngest is in school full time, I am giving myself three years to do whatever I want with no outside commitments to anything or anyone. Hah! Wonder how much I will actually accomplish? I love lists too, so I can imagine the length of the one I will write when the day arrives.

Congratulations, on a new era!


Anonymous said...

Wow! We can play Scrabble! Or maybe you can do Homeschool University!
Yes, it does seem like it was a very long-term proposition when you started...and now they're young men! Amazing!

Beth said...

on to the next chapter! how exciting for you. do your boys have plans for after high school?

Sally said...

8/ Buy an Ipad Mini

I haven't ever home-schooled anyone, but if I had arrived at the end of a momentous 8-year journey, then I would definitely be tempted to buy myself a new toy to play with.

There is probably even a "get over the blues of no longer home schooling" app!

There is for pretty much everything else in my experience!

Kristal said...

Love Sally's idea of buying and iPad!

Congrats on making it to the end. I have so far to go... but I know it will go quickly!

kayerj said...

congratulations! that is quite an accomplishment. Good luck with your future.

Bomi said...

I hear you:)! I have plenty on my plate too and I recently made very similar decisions. Wish you all the very best in all yo do!:)! God is our strength:)!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I'd love to buy myself an iPad. Sadly, it's not in the budget. Maybe I should've been saving up these eight years. LOL!!

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