Thanksgiving Day

We had such a nice Thanksgiving day this year. Not that there was anything outstanding or spectacular, but it was just a good day. Splitting the meal preparation amongst Mom, my sister, and me is nice because no one person has to do everything. Although I think Mom gets the bulk of the work, being the pie queen and all.

Side note: every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas, Schwan's and Village Inn try like crazy to convince us to buy holiday pies. What they don't understand is that the best pie baker on the planet just happens to be my very own mother. So there's just no need for their pie sales and such. Not that their pies are bad or anything, but they'll never compare to Mom's. Ever. Sorry, fellas, you'll get no pie sales in my family!

I almost always buy the turkey. The biggest one I can find since everyone wants plenty of leftovers. And that's where my dear hubby is awesome. He knows how squeamish I am about raw meat and turkey innards, so he's happy to take the bird out of its package, pull out all that stuff, clean it up, and pop it in the roaster. And then I take it from there. I can handle brushing it with buttery olive oil and sprinkling it with Pampered Chef's yummy Rosemary Herb seasoning. I'm also very capable of putting it in the oven and checking its temperature later in the day.


This turned out to be an exceptionally amazingly good turkey this year. Very moist and very delicious!

The guys were engaged in some auto repairs that were a little more challenging than they should have been.


Something about a very stuck ball joint, I believe.


With the unseasonally warm temperatures, Zach got in a little leaf blowing.


When Mom & Dad showed up, Mom had a very nice gift for both Susan and me.


Mine is the one on the right. Mom made these on her rigid heddle loom. I think she did a fantastic job!


Mom usually makes the gravy. She's very good at that, too. Unfortunately, she didn't have a good method for keeping the entire spoon out of the pan, though.


A rousing game of Pente is always a good way to keep out of the way of the cooking.


Or maybe a little DS. In pink, thankyouverymuch.


After all that hard work in the garage, they got to relax with a good movie.


I always write at the top of our white board "I am thankful for..." and let everyone add their thoughts to the board. My niece decided to make her own version. She's so creative.


And we've come full circle. John gets to carve the turkey when it's done. He loves the turkey. If I left him to do this job unattended, he'd be pretty full before it ever made it to the table. Fortunately, it was a 24 pound turkey, so there was enough for him to snack on, eat at dinner, and still have leftovers for everyone.


Photographic evidence that I was there. Sans makeup and all, but there, nonetheless.


After dinner, we played a game of Loaded Questions, ate pie, and then played Taboo. It was a really wonderful day. What about you? How was your Thanksgiving?


Kristal said...

Oh I just love the scarf... off to check out what the loom is.

Your turkey looks FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

It WAS a very nice day. I think everyone had a good time!
Kristal...the loom is a Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom (model is a Cricket). Mine is a 15" width. Nice and small and portable! I also have a wonderful, old folding floor loom that I haven't used in a long time.

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