I Love My Toes

For Veggie Tales fans, this may bring to mind "I Love My Lips" by Larry Boy. Otherwise, disregard this portion.

I really do appreciate the ten toes that God gave me. Granted, they're not lovely or anything, but they're nicely teamed up, with five on each foot. They're super helpful when it comes to balance and walking and such. I especially like the way they keep my socks in place. All around, I'm sure glad to have them.

Why then, you might ask, do I keep breaking them?

broken toe

Apparently I'm just super clumsy.

This makes break #4 in under three years now. There was also that time probably 15 years ago when I broke one while chasing one of my boys around the house. All of my left foot and its toes cleared the cat post. Except the pinkie.

And in case you have nothing better to do and want to read about one of the injuries, it had something to do with a Crock Pot lid.

The other time, I apparently didn't blog about. I will say it was the worst. I kicked a nice sturdy Herman Miller office chair early in the morning to break one toe. Then I kicked a dresser and further damaged that toe and added another to the pain later in the day. You know, in case I didn't hurt the first enough with the office chair, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm - toes for you - I just cut my fingers. Bad cut pn my left forefinger yesterday.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Dad wants to know if you've ever considered steel toed slippers?

Beth said...

oh, ouch!!! do you do anything for it? set them or just tape them up and hope you don't smash them any more? hope your feel better soon!


Gabriel said...

I meant to comment on this one a few days ago. I broke my pinky toes at least twice (each). And I had both ring fingers stepped on -and broken-, plus I a couple fingers whose ligaments I snapped playing soccer (they looked like the number 7). So... I'm not strange to your pain. :-)

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