Airsoft Fun

Last year, the boys purchased some fairly inexpensive Airsoft guns (well, actually, they seemed a little pricey at the time, but I digress). It turns out that our back yard makes an excellent battlefield - trees, trailers, more trailers, more trees - all kinds of good places for hiding. Of course, we wear the requisite eye protection and then proceed to shoot one another. Oh, it stings quite a bit, but it's still good fun. Even when you have a welt on your arm for the next week or so.

They've even gotten their friends and cousin involved in the fun.

And then it took a turn for the more...well, hard core...pricey.



Zach's friend found out about an Airsoft specialty store. A store where they're much more serious than just the just-bought-it-at-Big-5 kind of shoppers (no dig on Big 5 - we like them!). So he ordered himself a MAC-11 from an online store (the local store doesn't carry this one). We made a trip to Denver for some green gas since no one carries it here locally.



Fortunately, he had some time to try it out before we had to leave Saturday evening. Even hubby got in on that action. In fact, he had a pretty good time with it.



See that rectangular silvery box in the distance? It's an old RV refrigerator shell. Turns out that it makes a great target.



Don't worry - it had already been punctured before he started shooting at it. In fact, that's why it was in our back yard, since it had to be removed and disassembled from the RV from which it was originally located.


Apparently RV refrigerator insulation is great for holding onto your BBs. Makes the yard much tidier, right?

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The dB family said...

I will NOT let Bub see this post. He will be wanting an airsoft gun even more. Right now he only wants one a little bit :o).


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