My Valentines

When our boys were little, I used to make a fun Valentine's dinner for everyone with heart-shaped pizza, red cream soda, and conversation hearts for dessert. We'd eat by candlelight and have red plates and napkins. One year, I actually cut the pepperonis into heart shapes. Tee hee.

A number of years ago, I worked part-time for a friend who owned a floral shop so Valentine's Day and Mother's Day became very, very busy for me. I both coordinated and made deliveries. In fact, we had dinner for one of those occasions around 9:00 p.m. at Taco Bell. I was so tired, it didn't really matter. I just wanted some food. Obviously, I no longer made a fun, red dinner.

While I haven't worked for my friend in a number of years, I kind of stopped doing anything special for Valentine's dinner. The Comedian has a serious dislike for the holiday, so he certainly didn't mind. But ClayGuy really likes traditions, so I suspect he may have missed this.

So this year, I decided it was time to do something special again.

Slightly wobbly heart-shaped pizza (one of them):

v - pizza

Baking shortbread:

v - cookie cutters

v - cutout cookies


The loves of my life by candlelight:

v - john candlelight

v - c candlelight

The Comedian
v - z candlelight

The highlight of the evening was when it was time to blow out the candles. Of course, all three guys had to play with the flames for awhile first. They had so much fun coming up with ways to put out the flames and then relight them...over and over again.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely evening! Your food looks gorgeous. Poor Dad only got French Toast for dinner - not even cut into heart shapes. At least it was made with homemade bread and there was chokecherry syrup for it. He enjoyed it. And for dessert (later) there was the lemon lava cake. Glad you were able to get it all done today.
Mom :-)

Beth said...

Such fun pizzas! We also do a family v-day dinner. It was so much pressure for us to feel like we had to get out--just adam and i, so it's been nice the past several years to just enjoy our love as a family :)

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