Curly Hair - Day 8

So far, so good. I feel like I'm getting better curls and they're lasting longer. Here's a picture on Day 8.

day 8 pic

To compare, here's the other shot from the day before I started this experiment.

before hair

It's not terrible, but the curls are much less defined and a little frizzier than I like. Near my neck, the hair underneath has some amazing curls. I'm hoping that by not messing with the outer layers they'll follow suit. That is the ultimate goal.


Beth said...


so cute, are you going to share some tips??? this curly headed gal would surely like some :)

kayerj said...

I love it--you look very nice. I've been straightening my hair for a few months but I'm ready to go back to curly. I think I'll check this book out. Thanks for the tip.

i cant decide said...

Nice! I'm a curly girl too although I'm pretty lazy about it most of the time.

You have good curl definition without having a flat top!

Anonymous said...

It's been looking good...How come you have the curls and I don't???

Jenn said...

Oh my word!!! It looks FABULOUS!!!!!! I love it.

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