Happy Birthday to ClayGuy

This morning I was thinking about 16 years ago when I was sitting in a hospital bed, hooked up to an ever-increasing pitocin drip, awaiting the arrival of my very first son (although I didn't know he was going to be a son at the time). Hubby was flipping channels on the tv and he began to watch Groundhog Day. I'd never seen the movie before and I didn't really know the premise. However, at this point in my pregnancy, my attention span had dropped to that of a two year old. It made life rather difficult. But every time I looked at the tv, I kept thinking, "Didn't they just do that?!?" Of course, with no attention span, I couldn't focus long enough to get the theme of the movie. I just found it annoying.

Here we are, 16 years later, with an amazing young man in our house. He's creative, generous, kind, and caring. It has been a wonderful adventure so far, and I look forward to all that God has planned for him.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!!


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 16! We didn't know what our first born would be either! I just remember asking them to hit me over the head with a frying pan and put me out of my misery (during the pushing). He was 9 lbs 1 ounces. He, just like his brothers, have added dimension to my life that I never imagined.

Congratulations on 16 years of probably being the best mom in your son's world!

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