I Finally Did It!

Well, I finally did it - I am now officially a blogger! I've pondered about a blog name for the longest time (probably the main reason I haven't done this sooner) and POOF! this one comes out of thin air. It's not even close to my other choices, but it very appropriately describes my life. I don't know if I ever complete anything without venturing down at least one BUNNY TRAIL.

If anyone should care to read this blog (besides me), you'll find that I'm all over the place - probably on a bunny trail that led off another bunny trail off another bunny trail, etc. Who knows how I got where I am? Fortunately, God has the master plan to ALL my bunny trails and He never loses track of me. For that, I am very grateful. Not only that, but He also shows up on my bunny trails quite regularly. Being the awesome and amazing God that He is, He brings along whatever I may need for the journey at that particular moment.

I look forward to coming back to my entries and seeing the great things the Lord has done along the bunny trails.

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