A Week or a Year Unplugged?

Yesterday, I posted about my week of being pseudo-unplugged. I also came across a post by a gentleman who actually unplugged entirely for a year. The timing seemed rather fitting, so I thought I should share his thoughts on the issue, too.

You can read his post here.

I suppose the reality is that the internet is very much an integral part of many lives these days and I don't know that it's just a simple flip of the switch to sail off to some imagined, idyllic life. As he mentioned, part of the equation is still you and your priorities and choices. That remains whether it's on- or offline. I suppose it's like many things in life - we have to learn how to handle it in moderation, knowing that sometimes we won't succeed, but plenty of other times we will. It's just a part of life.

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Carmi Levy said...

I read about his experience with great interest. And I'm glad you gave it a shot, too. I often wonder how all this connectedness affects us - I know that technology has great potential to connect us and improve our lives. But at the same time it takes something away. We lack a sense of peace, of time to ponder things and work through them on our own schedule. Indeed, the wired/wireless/mobile world is always knocking on the door, and now it even peeks inside on its own, never giving us a chance to say enough, or wait.

I've been trying to spend weekends off the grid, but you're far more ambitious than I am. Consider me inspired to push for more!

The dB family said...

It is the priorities thing. My mom tells me that all the time. It's even true about the internet. I think I have internet ADD. I'll look at the screen and see no less than four tabs open and I flip back and forth constantly. I sometimes drive myself crazy.


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