Fall Colors

While we're on the downhill side of the colors this year, I still found some lovely, sparkling-gold aspen to photograph. Apparently the week before we took our Sunday drive (on Saturday) was the best week. Oh well. We had a wonderful time anyway. And that's what really counts, isn't it?

fall colors-1

fall colors-3

fall colors-2


Anonymous said...

Be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those aspens are the most beautiful trees in the world. (dreamy sigh)

kaye said...

Those are some gorgeous pictures. Aspens are my favorite tree. Hop over to my page, I posted some pictures of aspens and an ivitation to leave 25 words about a perfect fall day. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Molytail said...

Lovely pics! Things have been Fall-coloured here for a little bit ~ there's even a forecast for flurries today!

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