Thrill a Minute Monday

My ever so exciting day went something like this:
  • Slept well (praise God! - see the end of this post)

  • Made iced chai (Tazo Vanilla, of course)

  • Took hubby's phone to him at work

  • Went to the credit union to deposit money & checks

  • Played Zigity with the boys

  • Washed the Durango (wow - I haven't hand washed a car in possibly 16 or 21 years!)

  • Washed jeans

  • Read a few blogs

  • Had a yummy smoothie for lunch (lemon yogurt, berries, protein powder, flax, milk & ice)

  • Chatted with Mom on the phone (82 minutes)

  • Went to the library (2 more Lisa Samson novels)

  • Put fuel in the Durango - it was ONLY $50.00 (how wrong is that?!?!)

  • Bought a cucumber for chef's salads

  • Dried jeans

  • Watered the lawn

  • Prepared and ate salads

  • Played more Zigity with the boys

  • Worked on budget

  • Created a form for hubby for work

  • Read a few more blogs

  • Found a COOL blog on bread

  • Folded laundry

  • Wrote this post (with cool little squares for bullets - all on my own)

  • Going to read and go to sleep

I loved every low-key moment of it!

Some days just need to be like that.


angeleyes Blue said...

Wow! -and all that happened to me yesterday was that my teenage son told me at the eye drs. that he was kicking me off his island.
:( He then informed me that he had invited 15...15 teens over to the house today (tuesday) for his b-day party.

I asked him how was he going to feed all these people as we haven't gone food shopping in 2 weeks. He stated very sweetly (I might add)--Mom you are invited to come back to my island--my friends will need food at the party.

All in a MOM's day at work. Feed the teens. Have a great day everyone ;)

Bunny Trails said...

That's too funny! I would've been tempted to say, "Sorry, I'm out here swimming around in the ocean, enjoying the sunshine. Can't come to your island right now!" LOL!! :D

Have fun with all those teens today!

angeleyes Blue said...

Can't be too wise with a teen. By nature they aren't too thrilled with me and dad. Honestly, I am very proud of our relationship. At a time when most teens are exerting their right to independence my son exerts but he does manage to keep it light for the most part.

It is his sister I am worried about. We knock heads often. She is a great kid and knocking is alright?! Right?

Have a great day. Leaving work right now as my shift is over and I know in my heart of hearts the teens haven't burned down the house yet.


Bunny Trails said...

It's like a roller coaster around here - head knocking one minute, hugs and love the next. Such is life. I know that God is definitely refining me through my kids! When He called me to homeschool them, He definitely cranked up the heat. But that's okay, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hope all is well when you get home!

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