Club Sandwich by Lisa Samson

I thoroughly enjoyed Club Sandwich. The characters have many relatable qualities to them. I love how the protagonist works through her struggles. She may not be honest out in the open, but she certainly is in her own self-talk. Even about things that are taboo. I think we all struggle with thoughts that we know are wrong. Unfortunately, too many of us keep them bottled up with a big serving of guilt. Yet as followers of Christ, we have the freedom to lay them at His feet, casting our burdens upon Him and be changed.

There are so many sweet, Godly truths presented in Club Sandwich. Doing the right thing, even when it’s hard (especially when it’s hard) will always be the better path. Learning to forgive isn’t always easy, but it’s always needed. God is in the business of reconciliation and He may bring it in ways we never saw coming, but it will be a sweet blessing when it happens. Family and friends – relationships – are the most important thing (beyond salvation) in our lives. Nothing else really matters when life on this earth draws to a close. We cannot be Lone Rangers. God created us specifically for the purpose of a relationship. No wonder our society pushes the other direction – isolation, independence, self-driven, a “me” centered culture - anything that will tempt us to go in the other direction from what God originally intended. I would definitely recomment Club Sandwich .

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