This past Saturday, my family and I helped out a friend with some yard work. She's a single mom, works full-time, and gets harassed by someone in her neighborhood over the condition of her yard. They report her to the city and the city threatens to fine her if she doesn't deal with the yard. On Sunday, I was talking about this with my pastor and he said to let him know if we needed more help and gave me his phone number. We did end up going back to help her some more on Sunday, so I texted him. He and his wife had to stay at church for quite some time to help someone, but he got the word out to the elders and they were working hard to get some people out to help us.

So John and I were just finishing up our portion and he was tying down the tarp on the trailer when a guy and his son walked up to the house. I assumed they were from our church and asked him such. But I used the church's acronym. The guy said, "what?" and I repeated myself. He replied with something that sounded right (we've only been at this church for less than two months), so I introduced myself and John to him and his son. I gave him a brief rundown of what was left to be done and I took him inside to meet my friend. When we went inside the house, his son (young teenage) walked through a couple of people and went downstairs. I was slightly shocked at this, because I couldn't imagine walking into the home of someone you don't know and just heading downstairs. Like you would even know where you were going? Weird.

So I introduce him to my friend and she kindly informs me that he is the HUSBAND OF ONE OF HER FRIENDS who is already there helping! What a BRAT! That's what I said. Aloud. And I smacked him on the arm, this guy I had only met minutes before.

He has quite the sense of humor and the opportunity presented itself, so he just ran with it. Dragging me along at the other end. Fortunately, I also have a good sense of humor and so we all had a great laugh over this. Even my husband, who heard the whole thing through the open dining room window.

Even funnier, is that I'm not usually easily sucked into things. So for me to get pranked - intentionally or accidentally - was rather hilarious.

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