fifty cubed - week 1


I did well the first part of the week. It totally helped that I had prepared smoothies to mix up and drink. I definitely need to do that more often, because I'm a little on the lazy side when it comes to prep.

Beyond the smoothies, however, I sort of forgot my flaxseed. I even had more already ground and in the freezer. Oh well. The 4-5 days I did have it were a good start, I figure. So I'll be working this one in and starting on my Week 2 change.

Week 2: WATER. AGUA. H2O.

Of course I know how important water is to the human body. I know how much I'm supposed to have each day. I know how good it is for me. But getting this one from the brain to reality is a HUGE ongoing challenge. The reason? When it leaves the brain, there's this big old obstacle called MY TASTE BUDS. You see, the taste buds have a real thing for sweet stuff. Especially Cherry Dr. Pepper. So when they check out that water coming down the pike, they quickly rebel, because the straight stuff has no particular flavor. Sometimes, it actually tastes bleh.

Well, leave it to my brain to allow those silly taste buds to override its better judgment.

However, there is a pretty amazing new product called Mio. It's a water flavor enhancer. It's also a taste bud happifier. Yes, happifier is now a word. I just made it up. My taste buds are happy, happy, happy when presented with Mio enhanced water. This means I've been able to increase my water consumption. Which is a very good thing.

However, the Cherry Dr. Pepper still has a larger role in my liquid intake than it ought. So for Week 2, I will ramp up the water drinking. With the help of Mio, of course.


Anonymous said...

The water consumption is a hard thing to be consistent with...I have reduced my coffee consumption so I can get more water in. After the chiropractor visit, I've been drinking nearly 90oz./day...hard to do. The Mio is a great thing...my family loves it!

Suzanne said...

Good luck, I won't be able to join you for your 50 cubed since I turn fifty in a few months, but I will at least make an effort...

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