50 cubed - week 3

This water thing is getting the best of me. Or maybe it's actually not. I am terrible about drinking enough water. So this past week didn't result in much change. I can get a good day or so in, but that's about it.

Enter my new water dispenser.

water jug

I've marked on the side how far to fill this each night {so I have nice, super cold water in the morning} with how much water I'm supposed to drink in a day.

I might've gotten half of it in today.

I might be floating away this next week as my body adjusts.

But I'm not giving up. I'm going to rise to the challenge. I WILL drink all my water.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty water jug! Do you like any of the water add-ins? They help me a lot.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...the last comment was from me...forgot to leave my name!


Tara O said...

Go Dianne go. You can do this...from one not-so-good-at-drinking-water-person to another. LOL

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