Wordless (almost) Wednesday - Our Day on Pikes Peak

Hubby & me at Mile Marker #1 lookout

Love the view!

Beautiful shot on the way up

Crystal Reservoir with Pikes Peak in the background

The W's

Manitou & Pikes Peak Cog Railway

My guys on the end of the cog track

Yep, that's the land where many people live, some 8,000 feet below

God is such an amazing Creator

More of God's handiwork

The weather center at the summit with an incoming storm

The boys at the summit

Brrr . . . it's a good 30 degrees colder up here!

If he'd have worn camo pants, we wouldn't have found him at all

And you thought only pirates went to the world's edge!

No, it's not a kangaroo on Pikes Peak

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Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Great shots! What an beautiful place to be! I was lucky enough to climb up all the way up there too but it was on a foggy day...

Happy WW!
Mine is up at Tricotine

Stacie said...

Beautiful shots. Happy WW!

Mine's up: http://twinkies.bastetweb.com/2007/09/04/faded-for-fall/

Bunny Trails said...

Thanks, ladies. I had a hard time NOT taking a ridiculous number of pictures because it was so gorgeous!

Isabelle, I was grateful for the beautiful and clear day. It would've been terribly disappointing to pay the toll, drive all that way, and see nothing.

Thanks for hopping by! :D

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

We live in a truly beautiful state, don't we? All these are so familiar to me. My daughter and I are going over the mountains in October to Fort Collins and I can't wait.

By the way, I tried your suggestion about making Rob a big dinner before he goes to work at 3. I just posted the results and I think you'll chuckle. It's under the Comment of the Week category in my newest post. :-)

Heather said...

FAB shots! I sure wish we could have gone with you!!! ;)

Diana said...

Great pictures! My brother used to drive a tour van to the top!

sentimentsbydenise said...

I found your blog linked at Barb's (A Chelsea Morning) and just wanted to stop by and say hello!
Your photos of Pike's Peak and surrounding beauty are awesome! God is a marvelous creator and I never tire of viewing his creation.

Autumn is coming here to the midwest - I'm looking forward to the changing of the seasons once again. It's beautiful, I tell ya!

Robin said...

What beauty! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Cindy Swanson said...

Gorgeous! I love Colorado, but haven't been in many years. This really makes me want to go again!

Bunny Trails said...

Barb - yes, Colorado is really something! I'm sure you'll have a great trip in October. That's pretty funny about your dinner dilemma. Maybe you can do a BIG lunch a couple days out of the week.

Heather - we'd love to have you come with us. Just as soon as you come visit Colorado, we'll head back up with you.

Diana - maybe after making that trip multiple times, you get used to the "driving off the side of a 14,000+ mountain" anxiety. LOL! I wasn't focused on the edge, but when you're above timberline and there's nothing but sky at the top of the road, your insides can get a little silly.

Thanks for stopping by Denise. I hope you'll post some fun fall pix at your place. I haven't read much, but am enjoying your blog so far.

You bet, Robin. I've got to hop over and read what's going on in your neck of the woods. I just haven't been bloggin much of late. I am curious to know if you've stamped anything though? :)

Cindy, it must be time for a road trip. If you show up soon, the aspens will be changing - then I REALLY go camera crazy (as if I could somehow be worse than I already am!). Thanks for stopping by.


Hoto said...

this place looks like a nice place to go for vacation. i just love to be out of citys and stress.

carrie said...

yeah, I know I said I was going to go read, but I got distracted...

I had to look at the dates on this after I read it because I know your hair isn't long right now...

but still, such beauty out there!

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