What To Do With This Stuff?

I've scrapped and stamped for about eleven and a half years now, eight of which I was a demonstrator for St*mpin' Up! That means I have an abundance of scrapbooking and rubber stamping supplies. There is no way on earth I will ever use all of this. Besides, it takes up way too much space (when combined with ALL the stuff I do use!).

So I come to you, my many four or five readers, to solicit ideas. What on earth do I do with it all? I cannot just throw away perfectly good paper crafting supplies. Giving it to Goodwill, ARC, etc. doesn't seem like a viable option. I could have a bloggy contest and give it away. But I don't want to spend that much money (postage) just to see this stuff leave my house. Sell it in grab bag form on ebay? It's definitely not going to be a good yard sale draw.

It consists of papers (LOTS of papers/cardstock - solid, patterned, large, and small), ribbon, emebellishments, templates/patterns, some stamps, and other accoutrement. In fact, I'm still going through stuff and filling up box(es) with it.

Oh, and another thing - what do I do with an overabundance of pens, pencils, markers, etc.? I am a certifiable paper/office supply/writing implement junkie! I do know that if they don't write any longer, I ought to throw them away. I can handle that. But what do I do with all the rest (beyond what I keep)?!?

So . . . any great ideas? Anyone want some for the cost of postage? Anyone here local want to take it off my hands? I need the space and some ideas.

p.s. - is that FREE stamp in Cleveland just the coolest thing? I'd like to go see it in person some day.


Gina said...

Do you have Freecycle in your area? Go to www.freecycle.org to see if there's a group in your area. I'm sure there is...we have a bustling group in our little rural area. The great thing is people come to your house to pick it up. Its easy, fast, free and the items go to someone who really wants them.

Homeschool Housewife said...

Please let me know if you want to let it go. I would gladly pay shipping. You can send it priority mail regardless of weight or less than $8, as much as you can fit in the box, and I think it is big enough to hold paper. I am a huge scrapbooker, but have not had the time as much lately. I am hoping to get back on track, but realized I had let my supplies dwindle. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

May I browse?

Bunny Trails said...

Gina - yes we do. I just hadn't decided if I wanted to go that route.

HH - I would be most happy to send you some stuff. Let me get a box together and I'll let you know what it comes to. It will probably be a few days, but I'll let you know.

Mothra - of course you may. :D

Pro-Life Mommy said...

How about a booth at a craft fair? I know you would have to wait for one to come around, but you could make money and have some fun, too!

Bunny Trails said...

PLM - Based upon what I've heard about craft fairs around here is that the fee for a booth would probably outweigh the money to be made. Thanks for the input though.

Bev said...

Have you considered selling it in several lots on Ebay. The buyer pays all the postage and you could likely get quite a bit for it, come up with money for the holidays instead. xoxo

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