I love to laugh.

And giggle.

Sometimes I do it a lot. Sometimes giggling makes me giggle more. Sometimes things that aren't funny to anyone else are hilarious to me. The more I think about them, the funnier they become. My youngest son thinks I'm crazy. I don't know why neither of our kids acquired my sense of humor. Silly boys.

I think, however, that when my boys are being serious and I think they're being ridiculous, I should probably try to restrain myself. But sometimes I giggle anyway. Remember my sense of humor they don't have? That usually means they leave the room a little peeved with me. It's hard to be authoritative when you're laughing.

That happened tonight with one of the boys who shall remain nameless. But I will have the last laugh.

Have a great weekend! Have a laugh or two on me.


Kristal said...

Oh I am so like that...

Anonymous said...

Things are always funnier with you! We should go do something so we can laugh!
(Your Mother)

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