25 Random Things

Thank you, Lisa of Pennington Point fame, for giving me something to post on Monday. I haven't participated in a random post meme in eons. Or years. Or something. Anywho, that's irrelevant, right?

So 25 items of randomness about me. It is all about me, after all, right? HA!

  1. I love to write letters, but I pretty much never do, as I have no one to write to and no one who will write me back.

  2. I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 7 years

  3. It is almost impossible for me to not take notes during a church service, teaching, event, and other such things where someone else is talking and I'm there to learn something. I'm a crazy, copious note taker.

  4. I love the flavor of onion in food, but cannot stand to eat them. It's all about the way they feel in my mouth.

  5. I can't fall asleep laying on my right side.

  6. At Christmas, I like to wrap gifts with paper and bows. For birthdays, I prefer to use gift bags with tissue paper.

  7. At Starbucks, I order an iced venti nonfat chai and a venti cup of ice to go with that.

  8. I'm fine with washing and drying the laundry, but when it comes to folding or hanging up, you'd think it was my kryptonite.

  9. I used to love having long fingernails and keeping them polished and manicured. Now I can't stand it when they get even a little long. I promptly clip them off.

  10. I have a lot of undeveloped film.

  11. SPAM and mac-n-cheese used to be one of my favorite meals when I was young.

  12. I learned to change a tire when I was 11.

  13. Because I grew up in the garage with my dad.

  14. I was one of two girls who took auto shop my sophomore year of high school.

  15. I used to live just fine on 2-4 hours of sleep a night.

  16. I no longer have that ability. My body rejects that notion and wants 7-9.

  17. I had an enormous Hot Wheels collection as a young girl.

  18. I also had a Batman sticker on my Barbie case.

  19. I used to torture my sister by taking her picture all the time. I think this was a sign of things to come.

  20. I also once taped her eyes shut with Scotch tape.

  21. I used to eat unsweetened baker's chocolate. Thus began the love of dark chocolate.

  22. I played basketball in junior high. Not because I was that interested, but my best friend went out for the team and drug me along with her. It turned out that I really enjoyed playing, though. I was the second tallest girl on our team, so I was usually the center. I once gave an opponent a black eye in a game and it turned out that her mom was a friend and coworker of my mom's. Many years later, she was also my neighbor.

  23. I spent my 14th birthday in Mexico City on a 9th grade Spanish field trip.

  24. When I'm not in Colorado Springs or Denver, I tend to be directionally challenged, because I learned the directions based on the fact that the mountains are west. When I moved to California, nothing made sense for awhile - the mountains were west (or so it seemed to me; they were actually east) and the ocean was west. I didn't know what to do with the other directions.

  25. My parents had to take me out of my crib before I was a year old because I would climb out and come downstairs and sit quietly in the doorway watching them play cards with friends. They figured that falling off the top of a crib would be worse than falling out of a toddler bed.

If you'd like to join in the random fun, leave a link to your post in the comments. The more, the merrier!


Kristal said...

#8 is so me... folding laundry, oy, least favorite thing to do!

Something random about me that most people don't know, I was a baton twirler until high school. Marched in many parades.

Sisterlisa said...

*gasp* undeveloped film? Doesn't that stuff expire at some point? ha..funny how that's the one thing that grabbed my attention.

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

I love snail mail! I think I have two friends that we will write letters to each other! If you ever want to be a snail mail pen pal; email me! It certainly is a lost art!


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