A Little Ketchup

No, not the red tomato-y kind. The kind where I try and catch up a bit on life here at the recently-neglected-again blog. Yes, I know - I'm back to posting a Wordless Wednesday each week and not much more.

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!The Homeschool Post - Nominations for the annual Homeschool Blog Awards wrapped up last week and I've been helping to sort through them so that the polls could go live. Which they have. So if you're a homeschool blogger or follow homeschool bloggers or want to just go check it out here As ever, we got the polls up and the folks out in the blogosphere find our mistakes. So there's been a bunch of follow-up and research today.

Newsletter - Once upon a time, I was the sole editor of the women's ministry newsletter at my church, which was an incredibly overwhelming job. Now there's a wonderful gal who oversees the entire thing and I get to do what I love - help with the layout and provide photos. And I still write. Somehow the newsletter and the awards always coincide. Precisely what happened last week.

Homeschool - We're plugging along. Not making quite the progress I'd like, but that's due largely to me not getting plans as organized as they ought to be. In fact, I'll be working on that this afternoon.

Letterboxing - The boys & I haven't done any letterboxing in a year or two now. Not sure where the time went. Anyway, I know we're going into winter and cold and snow and all that great Colorado weather, but I'd still like to get going on this again. Fortunately, Colorado also has some lovely, warmer, sunny days in the winter, so I'm printing out a list of boxes we'd like to hunt down so we can head out on such days.

Weekend - Hubby was gone with my dad all day Saturday. I had a birthday party to attend for a 2-year-old across the cul-de-sac. Since teenage boys aren't terribly interested in such things, I borrowed my 6-year-old niece. She enjoyed herself far more than said boys would have.

We were gone a majority of Sunday, but part of that was due to my dad's birthday. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (which was awesome) and then back to my parents' for cake, ice cream, and presents. It was a wonderful evening - we all had a great time.

Dad and his grandkids
dad and kids

The two shirts we gave him:
birthday shirts

My 365 Project - Last year I attempted the 365 Project and only lasted a few months. This year, I've hung in there, but I've also fallen into batch mode. That means I don't post anything for awhile and then I catch up all at once. Which is not exactly the premise behind a 365 project. Although come to think of it, that's pretty much what happens here. But it was time to batch post some pix and get caught up again. You can check out the latest additions over at my photoblog (which, btw, is not entirely caught up - I'm getting there).

296-bench leaves

Other stuff - I have a couple of fun projects that I hope to get cracking on quite soon. I'll share more as those come together. Or not if they don't. (Like my escape clause there?) Although I am encouraged by Katie at Making This Home in today's post wherein she talks about fear. Of course, I'm always encouraged or motivated or inspired by Katie. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She's awesome.

How on earth can it be only 6 1/2 weeks until Christmas? Yikes. I have some projects to work on for that, too. I have purchased a few items already while at various craft fairs. It's also time for me to pull out my Letter to Self. You can check the link for more info, but basically it's where I write myself a letter about what went well and what didn't during the holidays.

And then there's scrapbooking (no, there's not logical progression here, so don't even try to figure that one out). I haven't cropped in SO long. I'm really missing it. A lot. I've cleared off my cropping bench a couple of times, but haven't done much. I'm hoping Lucy & I can get some cropping time in soon. Even more than my own love of doing it is the fact that my kids totally enjoy looking at the scrapbooks. Which just warms my heart. And makes me want to do more.

BTW, if you haven't set all your clocks yet, due to the end of Daylight Saving Time, you really should. You might get confused and think your kids are done with school if some of them haven't been changed. Not that I would know personally. Just trying to help you out, in case that's you.


Beth said...

Oh, how i love and miss Texas roadhouse!! You dad looks like a sweetie :)

kaye said...

I love the "new shirts", hope your dad's birthday was very nice. I'll browse through your pictures. I always enjoy it even if I don't leave a comment. I'll be glad when the year ends. I'm not doing another project 365--It's hard to remember to take a picture of something everyday.

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Oh my gosh, Dianne. Thank you for the oh-so-sweet comment! And way to go with facing your fears. That's a very, very hard thing to do!

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